ASSEMBLAGE – Art project

ASSEMBLAGE / Re: arrangement of 6 musical pieces

Sound installation

in collaboration with Emmanuel Pidré

Sculpture pieces are based on sounds by – Kassem Mosse: 578, Peter Kruder: Before Night Falls, STL: Silent States, Sascha Funke: Mango, Ron Trent:  Altered States, Sonofdistantearth: Dogs / Straying

Assemblage (Re: arrangement of 6 musical pieces) is made up of a series of works based on 6 pieces of Techno music. The sculptures are composed of geometric shapes that are the result of the analysis of the audio tracks via a custom algorithm. Arranged together following a logic of construction based on sensibility to form and line. The result is the intersection between these aspects of digital and craft work.

Venue: Makslas telpa

Curated by: Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art